Marble Gangsaw

Rosava Group itself as one of the leaders in the Marble Gangsaw machine Manufacturing Industry. We provide the latest machinery and devices developed from scientific knowledge and equipment allowing us to give our customers the best product result & facility, possible on-site and on demand. We manufacture, suppliers, exporting a wide range in stone machine.

Marble Gangsaw

Marble gangsaw-1.jpg


Today’s economic trends have changed forcing industry, companies and individuals to setting up new machinery or restructure their industry plant in order to meet their line goals achieve.  Marble Gangsaw

Our machines are maximum return on investment of material because we offer machine in which less power consumption, easy Operation, most efficient technology, less maintenance, readily availability of spare parts and service.

Marble Gangsaw

Rosava Group is providing most infallible & well organized solutions that help companies and individuals to meet their target goals by giving the best possible output & services at an affordable price to achieve the highest profit margins output. Marble chunk useful in many stone industry and we are using best stone Gang saw machine for crushing marble stone.

The battery supports have been designed to allow easy keeping and facilitate the replacement of the roller bearings without having to break foundations and easily operate. The flywheel weighs 8 tons and has a diameter of 3300 mm.

Multitier – Marble Gangsaw

Multitier gang saw is useful for cutting the raw piece in to number of chunk using diamond wire. Till now it is the latest technology which can cut any type of stone like marble, basalt, granite, sand stone, feldspar, hard stone etc.

marble gangsaw2.jpg


High performance


Quality ensure

Ensures smooth cutting

Easily operate

Less power consuming

Rosava Group industry carefully studied all marble gang saws long-established custom used in order to see which were the more rational and effective. Only then did the Company make proceed to design a new technology machine well organized with modern sawing requirements.

Marble Gangsaw

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